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49th Annual Dartmouth Relays

Leverone  Field  House  -  Dartmouth  College


Friday - January 5  through  Sunday - January 7, 2018



Last Updated - December 3, 2017


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Parking  Instructions

All buses may drop off athletes and coaches at the East side loop at Leverone Field House.

Once everyone is dropped off, buses will be directed to one of two parking lots off campus as shown on the maps below.

No buses are permitted in the Leverone or the Thompson Arena parking lots.

Once the last event begins, buses will be permitted to pick up at Leverone.

Please do not bring the buses back for pickups until the last event has started.

Coaches and bus drivers are encouraged to communicate via cell phone to coordinate pick up times however please remember we can not accommodate more than 2 or 3 buses at any one time in the Leverone Loop.

Thanks for your cooperation.



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