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2017-18 New Hampshire Indoor Track League

Last Updated - November 9, 2017


(please note that these pages are changing quite frequently - refresh the pages using F5)

Entry Instructions

    BEFORE you enter any athletes on Direct Athletics, follow these steps:

    Check to see if SPORT is set to "Track & Field". If not, click on SETUP and change your default sport to "Track & Field"

    If you coached cross country, click on TEAM and then "Import XC Roster". Check the boxes next to those athletes that ran cross country and will also be competing in Winter Track. When you have finished checking, click the SUBMIT button at the bottom of the page.

    Click on TEAM and VIEW deactivated athletes. If you have any athletes that need to be re-activated, click on their names and then click the green Reactivate button.

    In the TEAM menu, if you have any athletes on your roster that need to be deactivated, do so now. YOU ARE NOW READY TO ADD NEW ATHLETES.

    Click on the green ADD button. You will need to enter the number of athletes that you are adding to your roster. Please READ THE INSTRUCTIONS CAREFULLY!

    You will need to add the following information: First Name, Last Name, Graduation Year, and Date of Birth. Please take care in the spelling of your athletes names. We all get tired of the emails from parents of athletes whose names are not correct. It is a good idea that print your completed roster, check for any errors and then correct those errors using the EDIT button.


If you have questions regarding your account on Direct Athletics, you should contact Direct Athletics at support@directathletics.com

Please pay careful attention to the entry deadline for each meet.

If you have new athletes join your team, you must update your roster in Direct Athletics.

We will be keeping track of those entries of athletes that are not in Direct Athletics. The Meet Director will issue warnings and, if necessary, institute a penalty of loss of entry numbers.

For the handwritten tickets at UNH, please make every effort to make them legible. That will make Pat Scott's job alot easier.  



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