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Last Updated  10/11/17


2017 Vermont Principals' Association State Cross Country Championships

Saturday - October 28, 2017

Thetford Academy - Thetford VT

Meet Information


In accordance with the new NFHS protocol for distance running events, water will be available to runners at the midpoint of the race on the south end of "Morty's Monster".

There will be Championship Races for each division.  Please check the Order of Events for the detailed time schedule. Teams may enter up to seven runners in the Championship Races.

Challenge Races: In order to give as many student-athletes as possible the chance to wind up their seasons with competition at the State Championship Meet, schools may enter as many runners as they wish in the Challenge Races that take place as the final two races of the day. Each runner in the Challenge Races will be timed and results will be printed and ribbons are awarded to the top 15 finishers in each race. However, team scores will not be computed. Runners in the Challenge Race may not advance to the New England Championship as individuals, nor will they count toward team scoring.

Team Scoring: Divisions I and II are different from Division III. In the Championship Races, team scores will be computed for the first five finishers in Divisions I and II and for the first four finishers in Division III.

No Changing and Shower Facilities: It is particularly difficult to provide shower and changing facilities for cross-country events in which there are hundreds of competitors, compared to sports like basketball, football, and soccer in which there are but a few dozen competitors. Furthermore, typical high school facilities are not designed to handle the burden imposed by 1,200 or more competitors who have just run 5,000 meters in the rain and mud. Other national-class cross-country venues that are similar to Thetford Academy's venue, such as Franklin Park in Boston and Van Cortlandt Park in New York, do not provide changing and shower facilities. Thetford Academy cannot provide provide indoor shower and changing facilities for the Vermont Championship Event.

Cancellation or Postponing of Event: The tradition in cross-country running is to conduct competitions in all kinds of weather. The Committee expects to continue to conduct the Vermont Championship Event in a variety of changing weather conditions. Conducting the event in spite of difficult weather is a part of the sport of cross-country running. It is possible that conditions could arise that would lead to the cancellation or postponement of the event. It is not likely that such a decision would be made by the Committee until the day of the event. The decision is not likely to be made in advance as it is for some sports.

Please be aware that it is possible that a decision to cancel or postpone the event could be made after all the competitors have arrived, just before the event is scheduled to begin. If you have questions the day of the event, call Thetford Academy at (802) 785-4805. This school phone will be staffed early in the morning on event days, especially if weather is difficult.

Results will be posted at www.lancertiming.com upon the conclusion of the event. 

Entry Information

Entries must be done on Direct Athletics - click on the link below. Entries must be completed no later than 4:00 PM Monday - October 16, 2017. No faxed or emailed entries will be accepted. Once you have successfully submitted your online entries, you will see a confirmation page immediately. PRINT THIS PAGE AS IT WILL BE THE ONLY CONFIRMATION YOU WILL RECEIVE. If there are any errors on your confirmation, simply go back to Direct Athletics and make your corrections. If you have any problems with creating or managing your Direct Athletics account, please let us know via EMAIL - PLEASE NOTE THAT WE DO NOT USE Athletic.net

Please note that coaches need to enter ALL of their athletes in the particular Division that applies to their team. Coaches can then decide on raceday which 7 of their athletes are to compete in the Championship races and which athletes will compete in the Challenge races. There is no pre-seeding of events beforehand.


Eligibility to Compete: In order to compete in either the Vermont Championship or the Challenge Race, a student must have competed in a minimum of four VPA-sanctioned meets between the start of school and the day before the Championship.  Meets between or among VPA members need no specific sanction.  Meets involving out-of-state schools or meets outside of Vermont generally need a specific VPA sanction. Coaches are expected to withdraw their student from competition if they do not compete in all four meets.

The reason for the four-meet eligibility rule is to ensure that students competing in the Championship are bona fide members of their school's cross-country team.  The rule is not related to the student's conditioning.

Fees:  Division Races - $ 8.00 per runner. Challenge Races - $ 4.00 per runner. Entries will not be accepted until an entry fee check is received.  Entry fees are payable to "THETFORD ACADEMY" and should be mailed to:

Bridget Dugan-Sullivan
Thetford Academy
PO Box 190
Thetford, VT  05074
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