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Last Updated  10/8/17


2017 Vermont Principals' Association State Cross Country Championships

Saturday - October 28, 2017

Thetford Academy - Thetford VT

Uniform Requirements

Important Note: Uniform violations do not result in automatic disqualification. The violation must be observed by a meet official (not a coach, parent, etc). The competitor is then issued a warning and required to comply with uniform regulations. The meet official shall then inform the referee. The referee must inform the head coach. Subsequent violation shall result in disqualification.

Shoes: Shoes with an upper and definitely recognizable sole and heal must be worn on both feet.  Spikes of no longer than one inch are permitted.

Jewelry: Jewelry is permitted and does not need to be taped or removed.

Tops: Teams must wear school-issued tops (or a one-piece uniform).  School identification and the competitor's name are allowed.

Bottoms: Each competitor must wear a school-issued bottom or one-piece uniform issued by the school.  Bottoms may be boxer or compression style for both boys and girls.  Girls may also wear closed leg briefs.

Logos: Manufacturer's logos, if they appear, may be no larger that 2¼ x  2¼".  Logos may appear on both the top and the bottom.  Logo's may also appear, with the same restrictions, on undergarments (top and bottom).

Undergarments ― Solid Colors: All undergarments that show out from under either tops or bottoms and which extend below the knees must be solid colors.  No stripe or stripes or patterns of any kind are permitted.  “Solid” means solid: the whole garment is one color with no variations, markings, colorings, stripe or stripes, patterns.  Stitching may be a different color if it is a true seam of the garment.  Compression shorts (above the knee) and bras are considered to be foundation garments and are not subject to this rule.

Undergarments - Top and bottom Colors: Anything that shows out from under the top or bottom must be the same color for all members of a team.  Again, note that bras and compression shorts (above knee) are foundation garments, not undergarments.

Undergarments - Top & Bottom Lengths: Undergarments that show out from under the top or bottom may be of different lengths among team members.

Relationship Between Top and Bottom Colors:  Undergarments that show out from under the top may be a different color from undergarments that show out from under the bottoms.

Relationship Between Tops and Bottoms:  Tops and bottoms must meet; no bare midriffs.  Girls may not wear bikini-type briefs.

American flag and commemorative patches: The American flag, not to exceed 2 x 3 inches, and either a commemorative or a memorial patch, not to exceed 4 square inches, may be worn with state association approval on either the uniform top or bottom.  Only one American flag and/or commemorative patch may be worn per uniform.

Hats & Gloves: Are allowed, as long as they are worn to keep the athlete warm, and not as a costume.

Challenge-Race Runners:  Runners in the Challenge Races must wear uniforms that comply with the rules relating to tops, bottoms, and solid-color undergarments. 


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